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NotaBene is a secure personal notebook. It is very easy to use and occupies very little space on the screen.

I wrote this to handle all the registrations and passwords that I need on-line, but now I also use it to store anything and everything I want to remember.  

Version 2 includes the option to secure the information with encryption and password protection.

For further information and a free download link click HERE.

PicoSpell is a personal word spelling application.

It occupies a very small footprint on your screen, and is ready at your fingertips to check the spelling of a word, rather like looking up a word in a dictionary.

By using the Microsoft Office Automation mechanism, PicoSpell uses the power of the Word spell checker and the locale’s dictionary to look up your word.

For further information and a free download link click HERE

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Ez-Mix is a FREE e-juice mixing calculator for the discerning DIY vaping enthusiast.

Easy to use, yet not short of advanced features, this calculator will please both beginner and seasoned ‘mixologists’ alike. For detailed information and a download link click HERE.


What Is This Website About?

These pages are about things that interest, intrigue, or amuse me. They are based on things that I learned at college, have developed myself, or have learned from others over the years, and that I use regularly as a freelance developer and in my spare-time pursuits. You will find all kinds of stuff here, mostly technical but not exclusively so. There are downloads, reviews, ‘insiders’ on various topics, and links to other sites that I consider worthy of merit. Have a good look around, using the navigation-menus that are on every page for guidance. I invite you to return here often to check for new additions - I still have a lot of content to prepare and publish on an increasing variety of subjects which you may find interesting.


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Knowledge is learned - wisdom is earned

My Ultimaker 2 Modifications

I am currently preparing a section on 3D printing, but in advance of this I

have produced a pilot page that deals with the modifications and accessories that I have created to improve the workflow on my UM2 over the last two years. There are just 3 described at the moment, but I consider them to be amongst the most important for me. The thumbnail video on the left previews what these are - several more will be added soon.

Click here to go to that page for full descriptions and links to download the model files

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