This page contains links to things on the Internet that I have found interesting, entertaining, or useful.

Kite Aerial Photography -

This site, crafted by Charles C. Benton, is fascinating. There is everything here from construction of the gadgetry used to get your camera aloft, to a huge gallery of photographic images. You can easily spend a lot of time here. Charles takes his kites with him everywhere, even on holiday. In a matter of minutes he's got his kite up aloft, taken his shots, and reeled it all back in. Ever thought about putting your old video camera through an altitude test....? What a stunning addition that would be to your vacation masterpiece!

Create PDF documents from anything -

This free program installs itself as a printer on your system, where you will find it among the list of printers when you choose ‘print’ in any application. Instead of producing paper output, the document is encoded and you are then presented with a ‘Save As’ dialog where you can enter a name for your file and its location. After clicking ‘Save’ the file is saved as a PDF on your disk. When viewed in something like Acrobat Reader, you will find page(s) with exactly the same layout as that which you have been working on. Note that if you download pdf995, there are two files involved - the printer driver and the converter.

FreePlay Music -

A huge collection of downloadable mp3 music covering just about every genre. The files come in various lengths to best suit your application. The music is free to use on a personal/home basis - ideal for home movies.

Moving Image Archive -

You can easily lose track of time wandering about this site, viewing movies on a wide range of subjects from comedy and documentaries to vintage feature films. Many of these can be downloaded.

Photograph Jigsaw Puzzle Maker -

This is just a bit of fun. Upload a picture to this site, choose the size of the pieces you want, and create your puzzle. You then have a link which you can send to your friends, to invite them to put the picture together. A fun way of sharing your photographs.

Bloxorz (a web game) -

A good way to while away the time, this game can become addictive. Fortunately, you do not have to solve the game in one session - you can get a code to enable you to continue playing later. The rules of the game may sound complicated, but you will soon get the hang of it when you start playing.

TinEye Reverse Image Search -

If you have a picture that has been downloaded from the Internet, and want to know where from, or other sites that are using it, then this is the place for you. It relies on picture characteristics, not file names.

King’s Call (a web graphical adventure game) -

This is something that will amuse the kids (and we all still have a bit of a child in us). A nicely animated interactive adventure game.

An Introduction to Programming in Java. -

This is an excellent free guide to the Java programming language. It is a pdf containing around 690 pages and has many coding examples. If you view this on your computer using Acrobat reader, then you can link to the originator’s site and download code examples and a host of other help (see the note on the cover page of the pdf). I thoroughly recommend it.