PicoSpell - MS Word SpellChecker at your fingertips.

PicoSpell is an extraordinary program. Not only does it have  the smallest footprint on your desktop but, for a spelling program, it does not contain a dictionary. Instead, it uses the power of Microsoft Office Word to do all the hard work. Not that Picospell  is trivial - it took many hours of hard work to get it to perform this miracle.  

How many times have you wanted to quickly check a word in something you are working on? Well, now you can type or paste the word in PicoSpell and it will tell you if it is correct, or give you alternatives to choose from. You get the same advice as if you were working on a Word document. A simple double-click, and the selected word is in the clipboard ready to be pasted wherever it’s needed. The dictionary used is your familiar MS Word one, so there is no need to worry about what region you are in.

PicoSpell is designed to always be on top of everything on your desktop. This is so that it never disappears behind a window that you may be copy/pasting to/from.

The only requirement is that you have MS Office on your system (Version 97 - 2010) The program works from Win98SE through to Win7 (x64).

You can download PicoSpell here for a free 30-day trial. If you like it, then you can purchase a key to permanently unlock it ($14.95), which will entitle you to free updates for life.

If you have any problems with the download, or wish to contact me, email me at support(at)vitalsparks.com

There is nothing underhand or illegal in performing this feat - it uses an application of MS Office Automation, which is a published and acceptable way of delving into MS Office externally, through the application of the MS Office Sever mechanism.

So, what is Picospell for?

Buy with confidence - when you click the Purchase button, you will be taken to my webstore which is securely hosted by eSellerate, a division of Digital River which is the world’s largest eCommerce provider. They handle the financial transaction under high security, and accept all major credit cards, and also offer PayPal payment.

When in my webstore, select the product you want to obtain the key for and click the Buy button to add it to the shopping-cart. When you click on Check-Out, you will be asked for your e-mail address and card (or PayPal) details. When the transaction is complete eSellerate will send you an e-mail receipt which will also contain the key to unlock the application. (PicoSpell requires both this e-mail address and the key to unlock).